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    Bullfinch - Pennington Flash April 3rd 2005Over the years we have birded most regions in the UK. There is now so much information available either on the internet or in bird watching books covering the whole of the country that there is no point re-inventing the wheel. The details that follow are not exhaustive by any means at all and if you want some help with planning a trip to the UK, or targeting specific birds on your way around the country, email us outlining your requirements.


    Some of the most useful birding web sites I have found are:-

    BirdGuides rare bird alert and much more.

    Birds of Britain monthly web magazine for birdwatchers.

    Birdtours Red-throated Diver - Yarrow Valley Country Park October 26th 2004birdwatching trip reports.

    Fat Birder for anything related to birding including:-

    * United Kingdom

    * Scotland

    * Wales

    * Northern Ireland

    Focalpoint rare bird alert and much more.


    Appropriate books are too numerous to mention in full, however the following provide a good starting point:-

    Where to Watch Birds in Britain by Simon Harrap and Nigel Redman ISBN 0 7136 4137 1.

    Top Birding Spots in Britain & Ireland by David Tipling ISBN 0 00 220035 X

    The Where to Watch Birds series for the British Isles published by Christopher Helm London.

    Collins Bird Guide by Mullarney, Svensson, Zetterstrom & Grant ISBN 0 00 219728 6

    In addition to the above, The Birdwatcher's Yearbook & Diary published annually by Buckingham Press (Phone 01733 561 739 or e-mail provides a one stop shop of all the useful information you could wish for to get you started.

    Birdline Numbers

    It is also possible to obtain up to date information on bird sightings throughout the UK from a number of telephone services.


    Baird's Sandpiper - Flamborough South Landing October 2nd 2004Bird Information Service                        09068 700222


    Northern Ireland                                    028 9146 7408

    Scotland                                                 09068 700 234

    Wales                                                     09068 700 248

    East Anglia                                              09068 700 245

    Midlands                                                 09068 700 247

    Red-backed Shrike - Spurn September 9th 2004North East                                              09068 700 246                                            

    South East                                               09068 700 240

    South West                                              09068 700 241

    At present, calls to premium line numbers cost 60p per minute.


    Internet sites to assist with planning trip routes and timing

    Buy Collins Bird Guide from AmazonRAC - route planner

    AA - route planner

    Tide timetables - essential for coastal wader watching

    Met Office - weather

    BBC - weather


    British Bird Photos Black-winged Stilt


    British Wildlife Photos Fox


    David and Amanda Mason

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